Chord Set import

Firstly, I have Scaler 1 - not used it too much… I don’t know why, but it did’t ‘grab me’ like this new version does.
What I want to do, is import user progressions from a folder. Not one at a time, but a whole folder added to the user library.
I can see that you use xml file format, so some sort of database for keeping track of the files is used?

It would be GREAT if I could point tp a folder with say 100 midi files, click ‘import’ and have Scaler 2 just give me a list of 100 filenames to pick from. I can edit and delete duplicates manually, but really, you should be able to program it to delete duplicate chords when importing am I right?

It could even be a separate tool which creates an xml file ready for scaler 2 to import.

I can import 1 at a time and this is ok, but I would like to import everything quickly and then just pick through them at random till I find something that I like.

What do you think? Is it possible already and I have missed it?

I have got many sample packs from loopcloud and often they have some midi files in there. This would be a great way for me to use those creatively.

If you work very closely with the loopcloud guys, It could be a feature for their software too.

Thanks very much for your time,


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Hi @Ian_G

thanks for the suggestion, we will review this with the team and try to find something that helps.

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Thank you, That’s great!

Have a great weekend, don’t work too hard :slight_smile:


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there’s a notation type file standard called MusicXML. This includes metadata for chord chart type symbols. BandInABox allows export in MusicXML format and it would be great if one could extract the chord progression info from MusicXML files into Scaler.