Chord sets

So i absolutely love scaler, in my opinion its the best chord progression software there is, others dont compare.I love the new update and appreciated and was excited to see cinematic chord sets.
I would love to see more, especially under artists,Those chord sets are greaT places to start songs and this tool would be so helpful to people like me who write orchestral and cinematic music for small films and tv.

Thanks again for the awesome tool!

Hi @lightshines12

thanks for the kind words,
we have more chord sets in the making for future updates :slight_smile:

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YAAAAY!Thanks so much!!!

bummed that update doesn’t have any new cinematic ,film, orchestral chord sets and at least to my knowledge no film composer sound sets,maybe not alot of people are requesting this?

@lightshines12 Don’t be bummed :sob:We introduced so many in 1.5 & 1.6! There are over thirty filmic chord sets in Scaler - I use them and the others to compose for film daily!!! We (Dev’s) love them and will make more we promise.