Chord Suggestion Based on the Top (Melody) Note

Hello, please forgive my lack of correct terminology!

I know that we tend to hear the topmost note of a chord as the melody.
Often, when I’m in the middle of a progression I can hear the melodic note I wish to move to. I just need to find the correct chord that has this note at the top.

It’s currently possible to click on one of the chords suggested by Scaler2 (which may be the perfect fit if it were inverted,) but not think it sounds right, because of the voicing. And checking all inversions of all chords is a laborious undertaking.

It would be absolutely wonderful to have a Suggest mode in which you can say: ‘I want the top note of the next chord to be a G: now show me chords containing G that might fit my progression, and present them in the inversion that has G as the upper-most note’.


I like that suggestion, and I adhere to the request


I second this request.

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I like that suggestion, too
and I adhere to the request

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This is a great suggestion, I to would like to see this implemented.

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We’ve got some direction in terms of expanding the melody creation feature set. It will take some time but the next major iteration will give users lots of options. I also like this suggestion :wink:


On the iPad video I noticed the suggest panel has an extra option for minimise movement — does that help here?

I also wanted to add a similar request, however I’d like to see it expanded.

Modulating around any common tone is really powerful and moves out of standard scale based progressions.

So I might modulate from C to Gm through the common C - likewise I could move to E Maj via the E then perhaps to Am from the 5th of E Maj etc.

Having a simple suggestion of other chords that share ANY common tone (including extension notes like 7ths) would be great

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Have you tried right clicking on a chord (or chords) in section C to find common tones and common scales?

Hi, thanks for this. I had forgotten about the Substitution options however they are still diatonic - I would love to have a list of EVERY chord that shares a common tone and be able to quickly audition them in my progression…

I think this area is limited I agree and it could be an easy implementation. Feedback noted thanks.