Chord tab workflow


a chord tab with scale selector like as we have in guitar tab?

Thank you

I am not sure I understand exactly what you are suggesting. Could you explain further what you meant ?


Hi Ed and thank you for your feedback

The idea is to display the chords of a chosen or detected scale like we have and see as in the guitar chord tab.
For instance: all notes of a scale in a column and respective diatonic chords and chord variations in a respective row.
I find the present workflow a little limited with just one row at time to use so many chords possibilities to chose from and play them across the keyboard and why not use the black keys too.

I`m apologize for any grammar errors, English is not my native language.



The “diatonic chords” and “chord variations” screens already offer a large choice of chords:

The voicings tab can also help to quickly find chords with interesting harmonization.

I understand how having multiple rows could help navigate quickly through all those possibilities. We are thinking of ways to improve on this for future versions so I will keep your suggestion in mind.

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