Chords derived from melody

I get the sense that most music makers come up with chords and then build melodies over the progressions they’ve come up. What are the tools out there to do the reverse? I usually start with a melody and then head to scaler and manually bang out progressions until I hit on one that works. Is there anything out there that can generate a series of progressions to a melody?

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Have you watched this video? Scaler 2 Workflow | Starting with a Melody - YouTube

That’s a great video and I have watched it before so thanks for reminding me. It’s the manual approach that I currently use for matching up chords to my melody. I was wondering if there is any AI software that actually generates progressions?

Hi @Youngamerican68

I think Scaler2 tends to push users to first create a chord progression and then build a melody over it (certainly that is what it does for me), and there is nothing wrong with that approach. But I think that many composers develop melodic ideas first and then harmonise them (@yorkerman does, and so do I sometimes)

Also I believe that the composing process is iterative with ideas being developed and then discarded (but possibly saved for future use). This would apply to both melodic and harmonic based compositions.

Also I think that some musicals and operas have motifs and phrases that are repeated in several different songs. These may be harmonised differently, and may be in different keys and tempi but the motif will simply be a variation.,

In answer to your question

I think that Scaler2 is good at suggesting scales that you can use to harmonise phrases and tunes, and because it will suggest a number of possible scales then the best approach may be to try the options and select the one that you like. Too much AI suggetsing the harmony could be restrictive on your creative juices.