Chords out of Scaler into Logic ProX

Hello all,
does someone know an work arround in order to record all the midi notes of the chords out of Scaler 2 when Scaler 2 is an instrument in Logic Pro and I play on the midi keyboard?
Logic records only one note as place holder for a whole chord.
Logic functionality regarding chords is very poor compared with Cubase, Scaler 2 could compensate this leck.
I will be very very gratefull for any suggestion.
The drag and drop with the mouse is not a choice for me, I just need to trigger with the keyboard whole chords into Logic.

Many thanks in advance.


Hey @michel_gaugain Welcome to the forum, have you tried the MIDI CAPTURE function in Scaler 2? It captures all the notes you hear from Scaler and then you hit stop but you will need to drag and drop. If you are using MIDI FX Scaler 2 then there is a way to capture external instruments in Logic but that is more tedious: (ignore the Install Midi Freeze this is what Scaler 2 Midi Capture does natively._)