Chords Stacking Up On Each Other When Detecting MIDI In Version 2.8

I fed Scaler a simple chord progression and the notes of each chord on the keyboard kept stacking on top of each other instead of just playing one chord and moving on to the next and just showing the fingering one chord at a time.
Is there a way I can fix this behavior?

Computer and OS please.

Windows 10 laptop (adding characters for 20 minimum)

Can you take a screen capture of what this looks like exactly. I’ve never heard of this happening.

Here is an example. It occurs when playing a simple chord progression from the daw piano roll into Scaler’s track input.
If I just drag a midi file onto Scaler, it appears to work properly. Since this method works, it isn’t a show stopper.

Hi @MusicalGym

What DAW are you using please?
Would you also be able to take a screenshot of the Midi that you are feeding Scaler so we can attempt to recreate?


The example I posted above was using these randomly painted chords.
It doesn’t seem to matter what the chords are.
Studio One 6++.

Thanks @MusicalGym

Could you please confirm that you are on the latest version of Scaler 2. (2.8.1)

There were some small issues with hung Midi notes in earlier versions that may be causing this if you are not on the latest.

We can’t seem to recreate the same issue here on our Windows 10 setup.

Still happening with 2.8.1 even after shortening the chord notes.

Just replicated those 4 chords you posted in S1 6 and Scaler identified them OK for me (but very different chords to those in your 1st attachment - that’s as if there is no MIDI Note Off info going into Scaler).

That sounds plausible.

If you wanted to send a S1 .song of the chords I could see if the issue replicates here?

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, xml, mid).

Upload it to google drive or equivalent and post the link.

If anyone else gets the issue, we can revisit if necessary.
I appreciate all the suggestions.

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