Chordsets for Space Ambient genre

Not sure if there are idiosyncratic chord progressions for the Space Ambient genre. But perhaps you know some artists in your network who could contribute some examples?

I have d/l’d a couple of videos from this French guy, ( Antoine Michaud: Ambient Guitar and Chord Lessons - YouTube) which although trivially simple, have some interesting tips on progressions, voicing, and the creative use of ‘wash’ reverb (‘playing ahead’ and pre-delay settings)
Multiple videos on the topic, but examples are

Got any favorite examples of this genre?

Space Ambient Music • [ INTERSTELLAR SPACE JOURNEY ] • - YouTube

Cryo Chamber - YouTube

Departure - YouTube

Perfect, thanks a ton.

Actually, the “Cryo Chamber” label is more “dark ambient”, different style, but still like that too :slight_smile:

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