Chromatic scale with white keys only

Hi this would be useful for working with hardware controllers as a scale lock tool to hit all our samples using only white keys.

Can you elaborate? I don’t understand?

Sure we just need the chromatic scale as an option just so we can apply lock to white keys only. This will shift all sharp/flats to white notes. Then we can use scaler and a hardware controller and only press the white keys to trigger all notes int he chromatic scale. Very useful for drum vsts where drum samples are usually assigned from C1-C2 chromatically.

Its outside what your tool is typically used for but I found another use for it yet.

oh I see but a chromatic scale features all twelve keys, how would you fit it to white keys? C3-G4 for example?

I guess just repeating it. One octave would provide 8 C-C so that would work for most situations.
know its an unusual request and most people could care less. Just a thought. Thanks