Cinematic , free

Saw this on Bedroom producers if any one is interested. I’m going to download later and see how it goes

The merciful side of me begs you to watch their video before wasting the bandwidth to download. It’s actually pretty funny! :wink:

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Ha ha yes I’ve just watched it and thought trust me to think I’d found something useful and to suggest it here . We live and learn even at my ripe old age, so please be pre warned this was surely an April fools that I nearly fell for :joy:

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This was absolutely an April Fools prank. Not sure I’d waste the bandwidth on it.

Do not waste your time. It’s not worth it.

I mean, sure it was an April Fool’s joke… but hey it’s a free instrument that works in Kontakt player. Maybe it’s just me that keeps this kind of thing around for “I might need that some day”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course I also keep the Soundiron Kazoo and Flatulance libraries around as well…

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