Cinematic Idea with Scaler

MYSTERY ~ Aleamanic2023 - YouTube

Uses many Scaler performances and built-in sounds :slight_smile:


I so love it when I hear Scaler and it’s content used in a way I never would imagine. Good job @Bernd Sounds like you had fun making it. PS Scaler 2.8 out later this month with a load of new content you will enjoy!


Very nice piece, Bernd !!!

Very nice, it’s a good idea actually to just use scaler instruments to help the creative flow. BTW I subbed, I’ll check out your other vids. If you can, sub back :wink: hahaha always trying :wink:

I appreciate the input you give here on the forum so regularly, you have fresh ideas and are a driving force here. No offense, the piece you show here has good approaches, but in my opinion is too static, fragmented and too little “human feeling”. The long flags in the synths and reverb overlap, making it harmonically unround.
Actually, your piece is really not bad, but shows very exemplary how little scaler is suitable to simply take the actually great functions and process them little or not at all. Scaler here becomes the driving force that dominates the piece and not your own harmonic idea.

Hi @thomass ! Thanks for your constructive feedback, as a musical newbie I always appreciate guidance on how to improve my musical ear and “productions”. There are indeed some aspects of this musical fragment (obviously it is just an “idea”, not a finished song) that I was already unhappy with before your feedback, for example the harsh transitions of the chorus, the abrupt loudness change etc.

I will take your feedback to heart. But I have two questions…

  1. What do you mean with “long flags in the synths”? I am not familiar with the term/concept “long flags” in the context of a synth.
  2. Reverb Overlap…at what timestamp did you notice this? I cannot quite hear it myself, but it is possible that I sent too many tracks to the same send effect. I also play with delays, which might get in conflict with the reverb.
    Overall I still lack significant experience with proper compression, and mixing.

Thanks again for your honest feedback!


Liked your music piece here, @Bernd More to come, I hope.

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Hi Bernd,
the term “flag” is similar to “tail” which means a long fading of the tone or, in this case, fading of a reverb (or echo …) → Hallfahne. Every long fade into another harmony touches that harmony and if it´s an intervall which does not sound harmonic to the one before it creates a disturbing or harsh harmony as a layover. It can be intentionally, though. I am not a teacher and it is not my place to give advice but regarding reverb, echo, delay you have to carefully use them. Less is more. hth, all the best

Is it only built in sounds? You using the latest Bitwig for this?

not exclusively Scaler sounds, but mostly, and some with post processing (effects).
And yes, arranged in Bitwig, albeit not the latest version, since I dont have an active subscription plan entitling me to the recent updates.

I have a little newer version of BW but not the latest. Still quite a power house.
Your piece is good. Don’t notice too much harmonic clash. Could use a little humanizing perhaps. Good use of effects.

Thank you @EduardoMartinez for your kind words! And great to hear from you, welcome to the Scaler community, good to have you here :slight_smile:

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Yeah, after looking at the new featues of the versions after my support contract expired, I determined that there wasnt anything of significance that would justify the additional investment. I am quite happy with the version I have, and hope that they never force-expire it, the way MSFT forces older Windows versions to go obsolete.