Circle of 5ths + single notes + Midi Capture + drag and drop detect = an easier way to capture patterns?

Do you ever click within the CoF while previewing chords to find sequences of interest? When you do find something you like, is it ever a challenge to remember the pattern you just clicked through so you can build that sequence in an empty pattern slot. Not a huge lift by any means, but what if there was a little easier way? This is where midi capture and chord detect comes into play.

  1. Open a panel with the CoF UI (Chord or Mod)
  2. Turn on midi capture
  3. Click within the circle looking for patterns of interest
  4. When you stumble on something you like, immediately hit any key on your midi keyboard to mark that sequence.
  5. Keep exploring, tapping a key every time you click through a pattern you might like to recall
  6. When you are done, stop midi capture
  7. Drag the midi capture outside the Scaler UI (without dropping) and then back onto Scaler and then drop.
  8. Scaler will now do a detect on your midi capture and you’ll have all your chords and single notes in section A
  9. Any place you see a single note, you know that the chords immediately prior to that note were a sequence that got your attention. You can now send those chords to a pattern. If you are consistent with using 8 steps in your sequence, you can quickly populate an entire pad of patterns in seconds.

Great tip, I think that is a great idea!