Circle of Fifths option? :EDIT

Hello. I am wondering if there are plans to have a Circle of Fifths integration with Scaler. That would be absolutely wonderful! Thanks

EDIT: Upon further research it looks like it will be integrated in Version 2.0! Great news!!! Please someone let me know if I am not correct.
Thank you

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It should already have this function

Hello. Can you elaborate? I have looked around and cannot find that option? Thanks

Yes its in Scaler v2.

I’ll make a video on modulation this week. Will be ready and uploaded end of week


It would be great to have an interactive Circle of Fifths object to be able to generate a chord pattern by auditioning chords on the circle which are musically related by proximity.

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Yes this would be great. I see that there is circle of fifths in Scaler 2 but it seems it does not have that option.

Welcome @pbognar
Can you elaborate please?

Hi, sorry for the wordy request.

What I meant was something similar to the circle of fifths in Cubase, used to create chords in the chord track.

Clicking on chords in the circle could be another way to generate a chord sequence in Scaler. Simple but musically effective.

Of course, the resulting sequence could then be massaged with the other tools in Scaler.

Oh I see, you mean like in their Chord Assistant mode? We kind of have that already. They’re not really generating anything but showing you chord functions based on the circle of fifths and their relative minors (if you’re coming from a major scale). Several ways to do things but I feel Scaler has quite a fluid and informative way to naturally allow users to find chord progressions in a pragmatic rather than over theoretical way.

Hi Davide,

I was thinking more like clicking on a chord in the circle, having it sound, and giving you the option to drag it to a slot in the chord sequence line.

My request comes from experimenting with Cubase’s circle, and hearing how chord sequences for many of the greatest pop songs can be found by simply clicking on adjacent chords laid out on the circle.

Just a suggestion. If you can demonstrate how this could be done in Scaler, it would be awesome.