Circle of Fifths - Suggested Chords

I’m new to music theory so bear with me if this seems like a foolish question.

Is there an easier way to find suggested chord progressions like on Hooktheory’s website?

I would like to have my pattern laid out next to the circle and see suggested chords when I click on a chord already in my pattern.

Could you link or upload a picture of what you mean on Hooktheory?
If you’re searching for the next chord, then I like to go to the Modulation section and display all the Modes for the key, and then it gives me a good range of potential chords.

I believe the OP is referring to this - Hooktheory

Display all modes? Would that be the Progression or Modal Interchange preset?

On Hookteory’s website there is a chord progression tab where you can choose a chord and get and explore progressions.

Hooktheory Chord Progression

I like that, but its pretty basic. No 7ths 9ths 13ths or suggestions from other modes that would make it a lot more colorful

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Thanks for the pic.

Hooktheory also has a free online version of their Hookpad songwriting tool that allows you to pick 7ths, 9ths and so on. Obviously the free version limits what you can choose.

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Obviously my pocketbook also limits what is available, too.
$149 is a lot of smackers, and then the cost of the books? eeesh…

Have you had a chance to use Modal Interchange and the Circle of Fifths in Scaler? I think the bases are covered.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Yes I am getting more familiar with Modal Interchange and the Circle of Fifths progression recommendations.

I suppose the appeal with Hooktheory is the user friendly interface but Scaler 2 definitely delivers once I manage to get past the learning curve. I still have a way to go with Scaler 2’s interface but I’m making progress.

Another question. Is there a quick way to find relative major and minor scales in Scaler 2’s Circle of Fifths?

The outside circle is the relative major scales, and
the inside circle is the relative minor scales, so…

there they are already paired – nothing more to do.

C major <=> A minor, etc.


Got it. I’m still learning music theory and Scaler 2 is helping a lot. Thanks.