Clicking on Arpeggio Feature Keeps Causing my Logic Pro X to Crash!

Every time I click on the arpeggio feature while Scaler 2 is loaded as a MIDI FX within Logic, it immediately causes my session to crash! The arpeggio performance feature is completely unusable! Please Help!!

Hi @kapkid

Thanks for reporting your issue, we are aware of it and working on a fix.

The next update is planned for next week and should fix this issue alongside a few others.

In the meantime, try to lower your samplerate, and/or disable the audio detection from the top section of Scaler. This should make it more stable.

Hi Ed, Same issue here using Bidule Standalone, and Element Host Standalone.

Any update on a fix or a a beta to try ?


Hi @CompleteCycle

an update will be available next week. Thank you for your patience.

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Still instant crash here.

Any host, log from live 9.7 pointing to

Crashed Thread: 3 AudioCalc

Hey @CompleteCycle

which audio interface do you use? And what samplerate/block-size are you running at?

Also, have you tried to run Scaler without OpenGL rendering? You can disable it from the “ScalerSettings” application.

Arp still hard crash.

Turned off Open GL

Buffer 512 samplerate 44.1

Motu Ultralite mk3

OSX High Sierra

Not better for me with the update (2.3) … still “arpeggio” crash …Pro Tools, Logic Audio or Kontrol… same issue…

Hi @PMAudio

sorry to hear you are still having the issue as well. We are looking into it.

Hi, I’ve updated to Scaler 2.3.0 but the problem is still persisting. Any help on the issue? Every time I try and use the arpeggio feature, my whole Logic session still crashes immediately.

This happens to me in any DAW (Mac) if Arpeggio is selected and BIND is NOT turned on and you play a note. Instant crash. If I have BIND turned ON then there is NO crash and everything works as expected. Does it happen for you on just selecting ARP? Is BIND turned on or off?