Clicking on the anchor of opened drop down menu opens them again instead of closing them

Not sure if it always worked this way? But since the 2.1 update I noticed that when you click on the anchor of a drop down menu (i.e. to change strumming speed from medium to fast), it always opens again.

Happens in the settings and the main view.

Usually when you click on the anchor of an opened drop down, it will close.

I need to move my mouse to the free space now to close this menu. Not a useful behavior when you just want to quickly check the entries. Usually you can just click again and the drop down is closed again.

Always worked that way I think. When I choose to change anything - as soon as you make a choice the menu closes. If it’s open and you click it again it reopens. That seems normal to me. If I want out after I opened it I just click outside if it. Or maybe I am misunderstanding you.

No I think you understood me right. :slight_smile: Yeah possible that it was also the case for Scaler < 2.1, I do not remember. But I just checked Scaler 1 and it does close it again when clicking on the anchor of the open drop down menu.

Usually drop downs don’t reopen when they are open but are closed. So you can quickly open it, have a look, and click again to close without moving the mouse.

True, all menus work that way on Mac. I guess I’m just used to it. (Scaler)