Close-to-the-tune Award

What do you think to create an Award for getting closer to a predefined song?

I don’t think I’ll compete for it, because my try to re-create the (apparently) simple Bensonhurst Blues was hard enough :crazy_face: :rofl:, but I think this competition can be very instructive for newbies if skilled musicians, composers etc around will attend

I mean that @davide or @luapmartin can select a song each month, and all forumians will try to recreate that song using just Scaler and its internal instruments

I think internal instruments are better because the core of this competition should be re-creating the melody and rhythm, not the exact sound

And, I think that some valuable prize can be awarded also

For example, coins to spend on Plugin Boutique, or a metal plate in the Davide’ entrance floor maybe… :rofl:

What do you think about?

Yes indeed @ClaudioPorcellana We are trying to arrange something now… Stay tuned!

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As for prizes, I’d settle for a visit to the master’s studio in Australia :wink:

(to clarify, not suggesting all-expenses-paid :astonished: but merely the privilege to see a magician at work :slight_smile: )

I’d prefer to visit you guys In Europe to be honest!

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So be it, ScalerFest 2022 in a yet to be voted for city? (hint hint) :wink:

Perhaps as an afterparty to Superbooth?

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After the panda you are welcome
I have an amazing hand-made pummarola, a top notch Sicily EVO, and many Gragnano’s pasta boxes

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I feel like crying, it just sounds troppo buono.

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