Cloud based user chord sets

I just recently picked up Shaper Box 2/Time Shaper 2 from Cable Guys, and one feature they have that’s really cool is users can submit their own presets to the cloud, and it looks like there’s an approval process of some sort to, probably to weed out troll submissions. I can see a feature like this working really well for Scaler.


I love this idea, too! I was also also thinking how on Plug-in Boutique you see how popular synths, etc, have inspired a whole industry of preset and chord packs and the like—stuff you can use with with Serum, for example. I thought it would be amazing if you guys at Scaler HQ maybe authorised a similar kind of thing. You would obviously have control of who made these packs, so you could maintain exacting quality control, etc—but you could really open up the app’s potential!

Meanwhile, just sharing user chord sets would be brilliant, too! :slight_smile:

We have a team focussed on cloud services now and we are working on this…