In Major there are Dorian, Phrygian, Minor

Dorian, Phrygian, Minor are all Cm

So why is it still in the Major?

This is nothing, I just want to know why?2021-12-25_133059

What is that screen shot from.


They are all modes of the major scale. The 6th mode being the Allison or natural minor scale.
I always find the 3 notes down from the major scale to find the relative minor scale very useful. So from C Major down B, Bb, A.
Check more info here


That’s a cool trick to easily find the relative minor, didn’t know that. Is “3 notes” the same as 3 semitones down? When you say “notes”, is that dependent on the scale, or fixed keyboard keys (black&white keys)?

Sorry @Bernd yes I meant three semi-tones. Three notes on a keyboard works too.

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