Collecting Chords and arranging them on the keyboard

when I am listening through the chords there are some that I like. I would like to get those next to each other on the keyboard with each being able to be played 3-4 semitones up or down and then the next one. How do I do this?
I don’t want scaler to make a pattern for me but to let me play the chrods I like pitched up and down a bit using just one key on my keyboard.
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Place your chords into Patterns and Bind keys using “All” so Bound Chords appear chromatically (next to each other).

Hi @yentzee

Can you clarify what you mean by

thanks for your answer.
I would like to have lets say a chord on c2 (c major ceg if I am right) and I want that chord to be mapped between c1 and c3 so that each time i am playing a semitone up or down the chord gets transposed accordingly.

I am a bit confused as I thought it would be like wortking with a sampler where you assign a sample to a certain root note and give it some space on the keyboard where it gets transposed up and down.
So I was a bit irritated seeing that it is not possible to just grab a chord and place it on the virtual keyboard.
I don’t want to do chord progressions but just have a couple of chords I like on my hands that I can pitch up or down (I know that the chord itself changes when doing so, I used to do breakbeat back in the days and we sampled chords from poly synths and transposed them within the sampler to save ram and voices)

I’m not sure what you’re getting at honestly. Transposing a “chord” up or down is the same thing as making a different chord. You can create your own chords in Scaler and then assign them to keys as you like in section C. But I’m not sure what you’re looking for is exactly what Scaler is designed for.

Scaler doesn’t really make use of the black keys all that much when you assign them keys however. So it probably won’t do exactly what you were looking for. At least I don’t think so.

You need to put the chords in a pattern. The chords are NOT samples the chords are MIDI notes so you can transpose them up and down but semi-tones. You could, for example put a C major chord in pad one, copy it to the next 8 pads then transpose each pad up or down a semi tone so then from C2-C3 you would have CMaj, C#Maj, DMaj, D#Maj, etc. but that won’t give you a real chord progression. And you can set Scaler to use either the white keys on lt (default) or white and black in preferences.
But to get the most out of Scaler it would be more interesting to think in terms of a chord progression with Major, minor, sus, seventh, etc. chords. I don’t know of any songs written using the method you are suggesting.

You can do this, drag one chord to section C and then right click and select ‘Generate Parallel Harmony’ and it would lay the chord across the keyboard semitone by semitone like a sampler!


Learn something new all the time. I knew that was there but never used it. How cool!

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Thanks a lot for helping. So I managed to apply a pattern to a section and used the generate parallel harmony. When I do this the chord I want i always placed at the root note of the section which means I can just transpose up and not down. Is there any way to place it in the middle of a section and have it being transposed to the left ansd to the right? Even wehn I shift the section in semitones to the left the chord I used initially will always be on the first note of the section.
Can I bind chords from different patterns to single notes of a section as well? It seems that I can only use chords of one pattern at a time.
Also I am struggleing to bind several chords to different sections, Is this possible?
And is it possible to restrict the size of the sections and have more than just three of them?
Sorry for all those questions but coming from a heavy use of samplers I am really confused by the way the chords are laid onto the keyboard and I still haven’t got the complete idea.
Thanks for helpin, this brought me a lot further already.

Yes I want to have a chord lets say placed on c3 and the same chord transposed up and down a couple of semitones to the left and the right on the keyboard.
I would like to layer my favourite chords on the keyboard all being able to be played a bit higher or lower just for inspiration and then take it from there.

So, I am not 100% sure if that is correct but as it looks to me there is just the possibillity to bind 1 chordset to a section and no way to have more chordsets bound to different sections. I suppose that makes sense from a musical point of view. It would be nice if I could just attach 1 chord to 1 key on my keyboard and do so for all keys if I wanted just to have all chords I like ready for inspiration and then pull this one in a pattern, choose the next I like pull it into the pattern as well etc and so build up the chords I like to use within my track.
I suppose I have to watch some more tutorials but this is a bit disappointing :frowning:

I’m not sure if it’s a communication thing or if you aren’t quite clear as to what Scaler does yet. You can bind as many Patterns (Chordsets) as Scaler will let you have which is 7 sets of 8 chords or 56 Chords.
You can bind them all by lassoing the patterns with the mouse. If you want to use black and white keys you can change the default by clicking on the GEAR on the upper right and choosing ALL or TRUE SCALE under Bind Keys Preference.

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