Color Display of the Notes Played

I find it difficult to recognize the notes played on the keyboard with the current colors blue and gray. Would it be possible to display the played notes in red and notes outside the scale in light red. Many Thanks!

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Welcome @hewoja This is a real tough one because whilst your suggestion makes total sense scaler lighting up can distract me. It’s not quite right but we are always refining.

Thank you for your reply @davide. What’s with a preference for “Played Notes” like “Chord Items” in blue/gray or red/light red mode. So everyone can choose what is needed for the moment :blush:

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Just wanted to add +1 to this. I’m a new user and would like an option to change the colour of played/hovered notes. Having them visually distiguishable from the notes in the scale would improve chord identification and accessibility.

I want the chord tone to be displayed in a different color than blue when I press the chord button. The current state is difficult for me to determine.

Not yet??
We are waiting pretty long time :crazy_face: