Combining S2 with other Midi tools in 1 performance take? (better than Keys-Lock)

Hey Guys,

I know how I can disable a selected input range of notes from Midi Keyboard. ok
And I know how I can use 2 Midi performance tools/tracks (S2+MelodicFlow for example) by arming each so I can trigger 1 note chords on the left hand and play melody on Right. ok
(Note: I also know S2 offers a version of this as Key-Lock/Chord extentions etc but not quite what I’m after)

What I’m trying to figure out is a way of combing S2+MelodicFlow, where MelodicFlow recieves the incomming S2 Chord progression (Left hand) and uses that to direct the Melody input (Right hand) on the other midi track. …BUT! can also do all this in realtime and allow recording of the total output of both tools.

Is this possible and can you shed light on how to achieve this?


Hi @MiR

This sounds like a routing issue in your DAW. Can you remind me what DAW you are using, please? Then maybe someone with that DAW can help you.

I’m using Ableton 11.

I have both working together and triggering 1 VSTi now.

Basically, I only want the MIDI OUT from SCALER (but not the input notes) to pass through to MELODIC-FLOW.
But the way I’m setup here is not blocking 1st midi track to MELODIC-FLOW.

I’m getting closer but still not quite there. Any help?

Ableton Setup Routing

p.s. It would be great if SCALER would expand its Keys-Lock options to be more sophisticated regarding there improvisational use.