Comic Relief

Having been involved ins some silly comic battle around postprocessing our tutorial videos into a funny format, I ended up with this, which I called “La Linea” version.

Going back to the great cultural contributions of Italian artists… growing up with this in the 1970s gave me an early appreciation for the fine arts… La Linea Series - Episode 01 | Lineman Series - Part 1 - YouTube

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I didn’t quite understand the first link, I think Saturday night when I’m in the right frame of mind I need to revisit it. :wink:

Oh I should have checked the rest first… Haven’t seen that in a long time! Memories…

it is not meant to be understood literally. It is German spoken at 5x speed, backwards, LOL. The point was that I inadvertantly, and unintendedly, ended up sounding like La Linea :joy:


Have you tried granular synthesis in any of your compositions ? I’ve seen clips where the artist sings of hums something (often nonsensical, but with reasonable pitch) and then mashes it up with granula to produce some interesting sounds.

Great idea! Now that you mention it, I love playing with granular synthesis, but it hasn’t occured to me yet that I could just record my own speaking/singing and mess with it. A friend of mine is already incorporating the other funny video I made, with “Alien Speak”, in his composition. I’ll share that when he’s ready to publish.

I am blurred out in the Alien Speak video, for witness protection, so as to keep the Aliens from abducting me :rofl:

Have a look at Introducing Omnisphere 2.5 - YouTube
at 1:57, using granular on a hummed phrase.