Command mappings feature only works if Scaler 2 VST window is open and selected

Hey guys!
Maybe Im missing something but as far as I can tell, the command mapping feature in Scaler 2 only works if its window is open and selected in the DAW (Im using Ableton Live 11)

This limitation renders the feature useless in practically any live performance situation, where you are always focusing on other tracks/vsts.

To toggle any command mapping you would have to select the scaler plugin track, open the plugin window, and press the key or midi cc. This makes the workflow awful and cumbersome.

It would be logical if you could just press the key/midi cc and have the command toggled, wherever you are in the project.

Any chance maybe of fixing this issue? It would really make Scaler a more complete tool for us live performers…


I’m pretty sure this applies to any VST plugin. AFAIK you at least need the track selected to use CC commands on any instrument. How would the DAW know which you are sending to?

I may be wrong, but if you have a midi track in Ableton Live with its monitoring set to “in”, it should receive all midi messages from its “input” midi source regardless of wether it is selected or not.

That is true. As long as it’s set to receive from whatever you’re sending on or set to all.

The intended use is that you could control multiple scalers, so in a I’ve performance you have several scalers, you click on the channel you want to perform and the CC’s are relevant to that channel. This allows for more flexibility than a global command that would effect all scalers in a project. You shouldn’t have to open the scaler instance if the track is armed?

Hi Davide, thank you for clearing that up for me. I can now see that the track must be armed for the plugin to react to the midi control input! I somehow didn’t realise this yesterday, stupid me.

Anyway, looking forward to using this wonderful tool in my performances :slight_smile:

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