Comment on work


Is there a (kind :-)) person who can give me advice on my work ‘Glorious homecoming’?

Kind regards

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very cinematic! :+1:

I think that with advice you mean something constructive that helps to improve, so…here is my advice:
The different parts and melodies are nice but to my ear they sound a little bit disconnected. It seems that something is missing to glue all the different instruments and make them sound as an ensemble. Sometimes is just the eq, sometimes a little reverb helps…
In the middle part there is also a perception of a little off timing between the violins and the choir…they seem to chase each other instead of creating a cohesion (but it could have been done on purpose).
That said, it is a nice piece with nice sounds and nice melodies that help to create an interesting atmosphere

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Thank you for your comment.
I knew I heard something and could not find out at that moment.
You made a quit correct analyze.
Thanks again