Common auto accompaniment sentences

Each type of music has commonly used chords and rhythms.
Now scaler chords are OK.
Now the performance is also very good, but I feel a little too gorgeous, not very practical.
Can you do a good job of the common rhythm type according to the music type.
For example, if you want to play a pop, you can choose pop and play it directly.
Then on the left C1-C2, you can choose between simplicity and complexity.
This can refer to ujam product striiings keyboard design
This makes scaler an automatic accompaniment
Friends, what do you think?

Isn’t my suggestion good? :cold_sweat:

I think you can already do something similar in Scaler, not quite with the same visual presentation of the keyboard split, but you can bind the C1-B1 keys to custom song patterns in section C.

Just choose your preferred chord progression from the “Songs” menu in terms of musical genres, and configure the performance to your liking in section C, and you pretty much can get the “accompaniment” effect you are looking for…

Doesn’t have to be C1-B2, you can move that control octave in the menu…

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I got it! thank you
I don’t know how many common playing modes have been added to the new version

I suppose we will find out in 8 days :wink:

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Nice one @Bernd - I am using assignable midi mapping to control my PATTERNS, SCALES and different PERFORM settings. Opens it up somewhat. Once of the many nice treats Ed brought over to my studio yesterday, am using them in composition and it really opens it up. Opened up to all next week in 2.4!

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The amazing feature of Scaler is that you can have the same thing following different paths: for example, this one I just find yesterday, and drooled over since I was 20 years old
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