Community Artists Chords can't be transposed

I’m having a trouble with the chord progressions from the Community Artists.
Unlike the other chord progressions, those came from Community Artists can’t be transposed.

how to repro:
(0. Open Artists menu, choose one of the built-in progressions, make sure transpose works.)

  1. Open Artists menu, choose Community / Blush / Acoustic Strum 1.
  2. Click the arrows to change “ST” on the left hand side.
  3. The chords do not transpose.

A repro video is available at wetransfer:

I need to see those progressions in my song’s scale.
Any idea how this can be solved?

Hi @HHH and welcome,

Thank you for reporting this issue, we will fix this shortly, as a workaround you can either use the Force into Scale feature to transpose the community chord set OR drag the chords from the community chord sets to a new pattern and save as a new user chord set and then use the transpose semitone as usual.

Sorry for the inconvenience,