Composing using Neo-Reimannian Theory (Sliding Harmony)

An excellent intro to using Neo-Reimannian Theory in music. Scaler provides for this but this is how it works in practice. Guy is very knowledgable and his videos can give you good methods of working.
He shows how film and game composers use this method a lot but you can use it in any type of song.


The slide intro scene…the things the pandemic lockdown makes people do :laughing: :rofl:

A nice intro to a nice intro :smiley:

Thanx Jamieh!
Very nice video.
I know Guy, but I’ve not seen this before.

I think it’s fairly new. I always get something new from Guy’s videos.

I have been subscribed to the youtube channel for a long time. Guy is a good musician who teaches a lot in these videos. It is also always entertaining. He tries to laugh and make people laugh. He is a great guy

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