Concept albums versus Concept singles

Hi folks

After my first 2 albums made quite fastly, I am still stuck on my 3rd one

The problem is that I am not a Pro, and I don’t have time and inspiration enough to complete the task

I have one concept in mind, that is a series of funny stories about hens and cocks, but creating many stories and putting all the stuff together ended to be a nightmare

This is why I thought to do Concept singles instead: this way I have to create just one story for each song, and I can also give free rein to my creativity with different topics

Moreover, composing single tracks is also more in vogue nowadays :grin: :rofl:
and I’ve also a suitable matching “picture” to show


What do you think about?


Concept singles are a great idea, and many famous bands have used this as an approach. I believe that one of the most famous concept singles was Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (yep The Beatles), so go for it.

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go for it Brother! you can do it :slight_smile:

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He needs hair gel …


hahaha, good point indeed

Don’t we all that is those of us with hair?

I didnt use hair gel when I had hair. I went more for the headbanger look. This is the mugshot taken 30 years ago when arrested for violating the city’s night noise ordinance just because I played my music at 100db at 2am :laughing:


well, in the field of reminiscences, here is a roundup of hairdos of mine
:grin: :cold_face: :rofl:

In the seventies with my usual smooth hair

in the eighties with my curly hair and a strange beard

eighties: Long hairs

some geologic era after with white two grey hairs more … :cold_face:

2009: me very unusually well dressed :rofl:

2011: skinhead version :cold_face:


Well, I did in the sixth form at school in 1961 … or as it then was ‘Brylcreem’

By '64, I just let it flop
By 1970 the signs were on the wall (or should I say bare skin)

… and by 2004 sunburn was a challenge… but it gave me slightly more ‘gravitas’ in business meetings (pictured here making some point forcefully)

and in 20015, not much change, and I broadly look like this today

( …notice the immaculate “double Windsor” tie knots…)


I suspect you received an un-aleatory fine for that

1974 or so. Currently, my pandemic haircut means even longer hairs that this. Only the top is missing :rofl:

Somewhere in the '70s.

Preparations for the Prom ball.


These photographic blasts from the past are wonderful
I love them

Yeah for sure, it’s great to be able to have an image in mind of how fellow Scaler users used to look , ahem, …before using Scaler :rofl:

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Some photos of me Before and After Scaler
Not to discredit Scaler, of course, but I think I looked a little better before Scaler, :laughing: :smiley: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :laughing: :rofl: :rofl:

:grinning: :grinning: Instead of 2017 I wrote 20017. I suppose that by then baroque music will continue to be played, right?
Miki, I still have my hair, although, as you can see, it’s a different color.


Yessss :grin:

BTW… did you say baroque music?
here is an old fiancee of mine dancing baroque


Ok, this one is solo fresh, a few moments ago.


Oh, yes. Just to remind us that it still exists. The return of Big Bad Snow. Hm, not bad as a title for a song.

Well, to make an album, it’s best to focus first on making a single, and then another, and etc…
Thanks to Miki’s inspiration, I have finished this single. Title and photo are yours.
This is the chord file in Scaler:
Big Bad Snow by Miki and me.xml (14.2 KB)
And this is the link to the song:
Stream Miki's Big Bad Snow by josejuan | Listen online for free on SoundCloud
I use Scaler, of course. I also send the chords to Chordpotion and from there to several tracks with the new Augmented Strings Intro by Arturia and to 2 instances of Opus Orchestrator.
I hope you like it. Thank you, Miki.


Nice song. Augmented Strings? Excellent use of it. I really like their sound.

Just how many fiancees did you have ?

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