Concerned about version I have!

I just bought Scaler 2 from the Plugin Boutique and the only option appearing was 2.0.6.
Downloaded it and installed. However, when running it’s showing me version 2.0b7 - which to me seems like a beta version. Why is it not showing 2.0.6? How can I confirm if I have the latest version?

Hey, I was looking for help for the same reason. But since there is the option for the new fonts and the new artist presets are also available to me, I don’t think it’s the beta 7 version.

Opps, I just started another thread on this. Sorry for confusion.

The Windows installer indicates 2.0.6
Nevertheless, the team should fix the version number shown inside the plugin.
It’s my first time buying from PluginBoutique and a bug like this gives an impression that the plugin is unfinished…

I think we can all be thankful that the plugin isn’t actually finished. The reality is they have already made a few updates since release.

I was and am curious about the version difference myself since I’ve installed .2, .4, .5, and now .6 since release and noticed that when I launched .6.

Agree with the post above that is seems like a newer build. I’m sure we are going to see more updates as well, just glad they are quickly addressing some of the issues.

Hey guys, sorry about this.

You are running the 2.0.6, this is just a display error in the plugin. I have found the error so this will get back to normal in the next version.


Great, thank you for clarifying!