Congrats Italy!

for winning the Eurocup 2020!

I imagine the Carbone household might have been quite conflicted :wink:


What happened?
Ah yes, I think to have heard trumpets and fireworks, then horn noises coming away from my area
I am lucky to live away from the city

Some of them are coming back home honking!

Thank you @ClaudioPorcellana for not directing gloating comments my way !

I may be the only Englishman on the board (if there are any others) who is utterly disinterested in football. The last game I watched was in 1966 (@Bernd take note :grin: ).

Yes, if Mrs @davide was a follower of the game (I suspect unlikely) with too much celebration he would have had to make his own supper …

PS: I developed a theory that the ‘offside rule’ is the cause of football thuggery. In the USA, even if your team loses, it’s maybe 44 - 38, so you go home feeling not too bad. In soccer, you stand for 90 minutes in the freezing cold and drizzle, and then it’s either (a) 0-0 - a complete waste of time or (b) 1 - 0 in which case you feel trashed. No wonder they hurl bricks through windows on the way home. If you could just kick the ball up the field and someone scores with none of the offside nonsense, at least it might be 6 - 5, so you feel your side tried …


My interest for football fell under zero after the end of the era where Maradona for Argentina, Johan Cruyff for The Netherland, and Zico, Falcão, Eder e Sócrates for Brasil ruled

I hate the modern catenaccio “door-bolt” strategy, that almost ever ends with a penalty shoot-out

The same applies to tennis, where boring back court batsmen are the norm by a while
McEnroe :bomb: was my idol when I played tennis, and Borg/Lendl clearly the opposite :sleeping_bed:

I wanted to avoid it…
To betray a friend is not nice, but…
I was unable to resist temptation :rofl: :innocent:

Oh come on, you got your glory at the last world cup :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say, I struggle to respect the outcome of any finals game that is decided by penalty kicks. It doesn’t clearly establish the better team, IMHO. All that establishes either the strikers suck, or the goalie is a hero. I think both goalies were excellent in the game yesterday. I used to be one when I played soccer in my teens, so I can appreciate their skills.

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@ClaudioPorcellana - I want that BS amplifier/detector as a VST plugin for my DAW. I want to measure how my music rates on that scale, LOL

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I don’t use it on MY crappy music either…

Well the advantage of being amateurs is that we can do everything we love, and just a few (see the note below) possibly likes…

On the other hand, think how being a pro makes you incessantly struggling to have some hundred of thousands fans buying your tracks to be awarded a Platinum

Note: I had my tracks on RouteNote until last year: I collected about a forty people in the whole world that made me earn a cool 2,48 EUR!

soldi allegri

Actually, that’s very funny … I shall send it on to football following friends :wink:

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I’m not going to lie but I have had a dear affinity with Italian football since being a very young child. My Italian parents would regularly berate me for crying when Italia lost with the (in Italian) ‘we were born there and we don’t care so why should you’ Nonetheless I am an Italian citizen and winning a major competition of any kind makes me a proud Italian. The best team won and the two best teams made the final. Bring on the World Cup. Now back to scaler.
PS _ You could offer @Ed1 some ribbing for the early exit of his beloved French team but not sure it will do you any favours!
PPS - @ClaudioPorcellana You may not like football but there’s a wonderful story with Mancini and Vialli and also Italy abandoned catenaccio when we failed to qualify for the last World Cup. Give them a honk for me please - Campioni D’Europa!

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No, I like this sport as many others
And I loved playing football as a goalkeeper or a back sometimes
(together with ping-pong, volleyball, ski and many other sports) in the seventies-eighties

It’s just that I don’t see an ace football player since eons, nevertheless the team/country

Below, a shoot before a football match: do you spot me?
Hint: not the goalkeeper that time

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Tallest guy in the back row (third from left?) Great Picture, Torrette in Ancona?

You are third left in top row. And I can spot Giorgio Moroder, Shaft, and Willy Wonka on the right side :rofl:

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I like Italian football
Italian football has always had excellent defenders
The Italian goalkeeper is also great

Sherlock Holmes it’s no skin off your nose!

:crazy_face: :grin:

WOW, another eagle-eyed guy!
Nothing escapes you :grin:


Torrette of Vinovo (TO)

I have to ask … was Mrs @davide at least giving a token cheer for the ‘home side’ (assuming she did not go out with the girls whilst you were glued to the screen) :grinning:

This is just why I never liked it so much: I love attack formations

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