Congrats to Italy winning the Eurovision!

They probably used Scaler in the background :wink:

…and do I see Claudio there on the lead guitar? :rofl:


Well, utter humiliation after being trounced by Italy! From the country that produced the Beatles, Elton John, Led Zeppelin and PInk Floyd ? That’s more in the top 8 best selling ever artists than the US …

I could possibly console myself by thinking it was Brexit “revenge voting” from our neighbours in Europe, but Germany only got 3 points, so that excuse is out. :frowning_face:

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I’m surprised Claudio hasn’t jumped in whilst I’m down to put the boot in

Italy 524, England 0


he is probably still hungover from celebrating :wink:

aw…don’t worry my friend, France was at the same level (close to 0) for years… and this time we got the 2nd place on the podium… we have had to wait 30 years for this to happen. So be patient :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: and that’s definitely not a brexit revenge as we, UK neighbors, still consider UK as a part of Europ despite the brexit :wink: Anyway it is clear that Italy has cheated because the winner did use Scaler :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: no, no, just jocking & congrats to the Italian team

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Well if Scaler did play a role, then France still had a stake in the winning outcome, if I am not mistaken one of the creators of Scaler has proud French heritage?

ahhhhhhhh that’s terrible, are you speaking about Edouard Mainier ? Indeed you are right, he s located in Australia but is definitely a french guy. Does it mean France has crafted its own defeat ?

It would mean that Australia “cheated”, participating in a European contest, LOL

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no, the reason is that I’ve happily thrown my TV at the collecting point more than 20 years ago with no regret, so I hadn’t a damn idea of what “EuroOzvision” means

Now, wait a minute that I’ll check the Italian winner…

YUK, they remind me songs of Ligabue, an Italian musician well known to be able to make zillions of tunes all with the same & few identical chords!
Stolen award to me, unless the other competitors were very scarce

How did you find out?
But it was by accident, as I usually play drums

Is that the band that inspired the “broomstick bass” instrument? :wink:

You have eyes like a hawk