Connecting Scaler 2 on ipad to hardware?


I have an MPC key 61 and a hydrasynth, and I also have scaler 2 on my ipad. How do I connect my ipad to both keyboards (not at the same time) so I can play chords from my ipad using scaler ios?

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You can either use the Apple iPad camera connection kit, which is basically an adapter to connect iPad to USB based MIDI hub. Or I have been using a more sophisticated setup,which also transfers the sound from iPad digitally over the same interface….iConnect MIDI 2

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Hey, thanks for the reply. I have the latest iPad Pro which is USB C. It looks like the camera connection kit is the older Apple plug style correct? Can I just use a USB C to USB A connection?

You’re right. I have an older one with Lightning connector, which still required the adapter. More power to you if you have a modern USB based model. That should make it easier indeed.

So I bought a usb C to USB A cord and connected my hydra synth. scaler app recognizes the device and when I play keys on my hyrdasynth it shows them in scaler, but when I press something from scaler, it does not trigger anything on the hydra synth. Any thoughts?

Did you get this to work?

I want to play scaler 2 iPad into studio one and have the full features of scaler 2 in studio one not just the Audio output of the iPad

Any ideas @james ?
Do I need to buy the thing listed above?