Consistent, compact CC Binding Display


I’d like to suggest that CC bindings (at least optionally) be displayable in all cases by sorted CC number.

Currently, in some cases the “name” of the CC is the lead part of the display (e.g. “Controller Tremolo Level”, instead of CC 92). Some people may like this, which is why I say “optionally” above, but for complex layouts where those names may not even be relevant at all, it would be much clearer IMO if the CCs were simply displayed in order.

Also I don’t see an advantage in displaying “Controller 90:” when you could have just displayed “CC 90:”. The real-estate I think would be better used to let more of the rest of the binding be visible by default.

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My guess would be that this is built into the MIDI spec and therefore would be difficult to change. Any DAW that has a CC pull down menu would display the same thing. The controller itself has that built into it. Many say Undefined but the usual ones are always named by default i.e. Modulation CC1