Contents of the 1.6 and 1.6.1 updates


I’ve looked but could not find a list of what’s been added to these two updates. Also, in my Plugin Boutique account I had the 1.6.1 update in *.pkg format, which is unfamiliar to me (I use Windows). How do I update (or is it a Mac thing )?

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here’s the changelog for the 1.6 version:

  • Improved Drag & Drop: Export strums and arpeggio simply by dragging a chord or progression to your DAW.
  • Scale Lock: New Scale-Lock mode - Map any scale to the white keys.
  • 10 New Chord Sets: Cinematic - Horror & Suspense
  • Arpeggio Sync: Arpeggio now syncs with your DAW.
  • 2 New Sounds: Electric Piano & Brass Ensemble.
  • Improved Strumming: Set your preferred strumming direction (Alternate/Up/Down) & discover a new (slower) strumming profile.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Regarding the 1.6.1, it simply fixes a crash reported by users when playing strummed notes.

You are right, the .pkg is the mac installer, in your Plugin Boutique account page you can select the platform you wish to download.


Amazing how you DO listen! We discussed mapping scale to white keys, I ended up agreeing that, while easier to play, it was less educational. Now it is an option, best of both worlds!


Hi I think a good addition to the next update is to allow the octave button in section A to affect section C as well. Currently the semi tone does but not the octave controls.