Converting a loaded progression to another key

My music theory is very elementary and i really don’t understand a lot of the manipulation you can do with a pattern once its loaded.
I loaded in a ‘song’ progression from one of the artists.
It is in a particular key.
Is there a way to transpose the chord progression to another key ? If the key is say, C… if i want to change the key to a D, i imagine it is more involved than just moving up the chords by one. I did some Google stuff on how to transpose keys,
but i;m wondering if Scaler has the ability to simply take the loaded chord progression and transpose it to another key of my choice.

Yes it does. If you have Chords in Section B you can on the Scales button in Section A and choose a key from ALL NOTES. If the key is C choose a different note from the drop down menu. You can choose a different scale say Major to Minor under the ALL TYPES button.

Click on the logo on the upper left choose Help and you can find the manual and video tutorials,
Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 4.22.32 PM


thank you Sssoooooooo much for your response. it is so appreciated!

really good. thanks for that.
I also have a question about this.
when I import midis (chords) into scaler and it analyzes them. (Detected mode)
After them.
there is not this option for transposing.
is there a possibility?
because even if I save the chord Progression
I unfortunately don’t get an option to transpose the recognized chords :-/

Thx for help

Sorry for my English hope you can understand me

Hi @Mijago-Shivago

If you add the chords to Section C you will beable to transpoose them using the EDIT page (see this tutorial).

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Hey Ed66,
Thank you very much for the super fast and helpful answer. :+1:

Yes, you can do that -
I was probably completely dumbfounded myself. :joy:
Bit I had expected about the same transposing option… so that you can jump directly into your desired scale