Copying Scaler to a new computer? Is this OK?

So I am setting up a new computer and DAW system in my basement. I am currently using Scaler 2.7.3 on my soon-to-be-secondary bedroom system (yes, I am about to update to 2.8.1) Does my Plugin Boutique account allow me to copy Scaler to a USB drive and install it into my new soon-to-be-primary system?
Or if I go to my Plugin Boutique account on my new computer, would I be able to download Scaler 2.8.1 from there as a full program?

You should be able to download any version that’s in your PiB account. Make sure you look at the version number pull down list as they are all there starting with whatever you bought first.

Thanks for the reply!

So if I have a Plugin Boutique account I can install Scaler on more than one of my computers and not have to buy it twice?

Should be no problem. I’ve always done it that way.