Could enable a feature to rename the pattern names?

im going thru the whole list of chord recommendations thru the synthwave genre
some chords i think sound good i want to save but end up forgetting which scale it is
would help me out :100:



Key and chords please. “Bb ii V I” for example.

Yes to this please. :wink:

I’m slightly confused by this request. Is this for the Windows, MAC or iPAD version (it helps to specify your operating system).

On a Windows PC to rename the patterns simply double-click on the pattern

and type in the new name.

Same on Mac. On the iPad hit the Shift button then the Pattern, then from the list choose Edit and enter the new Pattern name in the box that pops up.

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I’m still trying to get my head around this request.

Do you want to rename the factory preset song? If so, you can not rename the factory songs, but you can copy the song to Section C and then save the patterns as a chord set with your own name (see the tutorial Saving Chord Sets in 2.7).

I’m slightly confused by this request.

I would like the exported midi files named with key and chords when they are dragged into my DAW. So rather than all of them being called “Scaler-Chords-With-Markers.mid” you’d have something like “Cm ii V I.mid”

Part of that has to do with how DAWs handle Scaler information. None of them handle it the same way so it’s not something Scaler can fix. Reaper for instance will bring the names of the chords in but others won’t. An even Reaper doesn’t always do it.

It seems Reaper will do it, when/if the name is actually part of the file.

Yes Reaper will set the name of a midi item to the file name when the item is inserted as a media file or simply dragged in from File Explorer (I use Windows). But I don’t think this is the same as dragging midi from a vst such as Scaler.

The same issue applies to Instacomposer where the midi item names are Insta Track 1.mid, Insta Track 2 etc. Similarly with Chordpotion when midi is dragged into Reaper the item is named Melody - midi-xxxxx.mid.

A common feature of all these vst’s, Scaler, Instacomposer and Chordpotion, is that none of them export or save midi files; they all use xml files to save their chodsets, patterns, etc.