Couple of reproducible bugs in FL Studio 20 win10

The first problem (randomly rendered notes/chords) has to do with the DAW SYNC feature in Scaler 2’s playback option. If there is a chord progression in the pattern section and you render the project while DAW sync is ON it will render chords even if Scaler 2 is not midi triggered and even if Scaler 2 is muted.

The second issue is that if Scaler 2 is in a project while rendering (let’s say I turned off DAW sync to avoid the extra notes/chords being rendered) there is as small bit of silence added to the start (not in MP3 but in WAV).
I go to render the final project the mere fact that Scaler 2 is in the project will cause the render to be nudged to the right and will no longer be in sync with the grid (in its corresponding tempo). It adds a tiny bit of silence. If Scaler 2 is deleted from the project the render is perfectly on time.

Thank you!