Covering Purple Schulz?

As far as I know, there’s never been an English cover of this. Such great lyrics/harmony combination, almost minimalistic. It’s all in the interpretation. Similar chord vibe like mid '80s new wave. Should be straight forward chords. I need to start using my deCoda :slight_smile:

Purple Schulz - Sehnsucht - YouTube

Purple Schulz - Sehnsucht lyrics + English translation (

Ok, take it back, there was an English version, still, another cover beckons :wink:
Purple Schulz “Heartsick” (Sehnsucht - Ich Will Raus) (English Version) - YouTube

From close listening, sounds like there is a distinct bassline, a chord progression for the synth pads, and some arpeggiation of bells, and of course a 909 drumkit :wink: