Crashing in Cakewalk

I have been experiencing random, intermittent crashing in Cakewalk, and since I use Scaler 2 in almost every project, it’s one of my main suspects. I just got this crash error:

It happened when I was freezing a synth track (NOT a track that had anything to do with Scaler, though). So, yeah. I’m not sure what to do about this or if it’s a known issue or what.


Hi @LilyDark

this looks like it could be a samplerate issue. It works fine in real-time but when you freeze the track it probably render it with different samplerate/blocksize settings.

You can try to disable the audio-detection in Scaler before freezing the track by clicking on the “Audio” button in the top section of Scaler.
You can also check for settings in your host to try figure out what it does differently when rendering the track to audio.

Let me know if that helps.

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I’ll try it. Thanks!