Crashing my Ableton

I have never used a plugin that crashes Ableton as often as this. Since buying this I have tried it on 3 machines and different updates of Ableton, the most recent a new laptop with Ableton 10 and no other plugins and it still crashes Ableton. I thought there would surely be no issues on a brand new laptop.

After posting the same thing over 2 years ago, nothing has changed.

The potentially most useful plug in but by far the most completely useless as it doesn’t work.

The fix is always the same and my only option, deleting the plug in completely as every time I try and delete the midi track the plug in is on “a serious program error has occurred” etc… and closes Ableton down.
I’ve only even been able to use it a handful of times each time it’s installed before having to uninstall again. Complete waste of time and money for me personally.

What versions of Windows? Any crash logs?

Not had Scaler crash Ableton Live 11 on Windows 10.

When Ableton rashes it produces a log file. Can you make one available?

Are you running any other plugins when Ableton crashes? Are you runnng any other apps when Ableton crashes?

@ed66 he already stated he’s tried it with no other plugins running.

I also use multiple instances of Scaler to drive other plugins such as Synthmaster, Thorn CM, Bass Station, and Surge.

Just a thought, how much memory is there on your computer? I am wondering if there is a memory issue. The Ableton crash log may identify this.

I think to remember an old issue about GUI (fixed disabling OpenGLRendering)

and another about different bitrates in Windows audio and ASIO audio

maybe that one of them is the culprit?

“it doesn’t work” has to be placed against the experience of X thousand users, none of whom having any problems with a somewhat similar set up.

So “it doesn’t work” is not absolute but really should be qualified as “it doesn’t work with my configuration”

Don’t get me wrong, from your perspective, it’s not useable, and that must be very annoying / frustrating,

What we need to help you to discover is what is it that is different about your (non-working) set up, and say, that of @ed66 ? {Actually , Scaler has never crashed on me since I got it some time ago (Win 10, Live 11) and I use it alongside some chunky plugins.

So we’d like to help, but as above perhaps you could give us a run down on your gear and environment. (Opsys version / video card etc) . Confirm you are loading
Scaler2.vst3 (31,101 Kb long) located in c:\Program Files\Common Files\vst3\scaler .

(added later) For a definitive test, the MD5 checksum is

You can use Hashcalc at SlavaSoft HashCalc - Hash, CRC, and HMAC Calculator to check this

There is potentially one telling test. Download Cantabile Lite (free) from

Install and fire it up. In the routing window, rick click and add the plugin

Pick ‘scaler2’ (VST3) from the drop down menu

It should connect to the default audio output, but if not just wire up with the output and main speakers.

Now double click in the plugin box to fire it up

What this will tell us/you definitively whether the problem lies either {1} with Scaler itself with your op system or {2} with the LIVE environment.

This whole op should not take more that 10 minutes or so, which I think is worth it to nail down where the problems lie.

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It would be really helpful to know the configuration of your pc: memory, Windows version, any antivirus software that is running. etc.

Without this information, and crash logs fom Ableton it is very difficult to pinpont (and hence resolve) the issue. Ableton always produces crash logs when it crashes, The logs can be found at

Windows\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live Reports\

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