Create a separate category for iOS Scaler?

Since iOS version was published, there is a quantity of posts related just to their complaints and Windows users cannot find subjects of interest for us because the space is eaten by iOS issues.

I understand that these guys have problems and , as always, the team is there to help them, but this becomes quite annoying to me. Whether we like it to say or not, they are a parallel world.

We don’t have the same problems, we have different ideas. We do not ask how to make work iOS Scaler but how to use the plugin in our workflows, and quite often their problems are not Scaler but rather OS related.

So, why not a separate category just for them, something like iOS Support? Does someone think I have that much time that I’ll browse all the posts until I find something that is not iOS related? Their Support is specific to them, we have completely different issues, if any.

General discussions and the other categories should be open for both, but they should avoid the content that is exclusively iOS related and senior users should move the occasional iOS-only posts it to the appropriate section under iOS. But this will be possible only if the common space is not eaten by iOS.

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I’m trying to figure if this is a serious post or a joke of some kind

The most serious as this can be. Too many iOS related things that has nothing in common with Windows users. If we have probkems, it’s different.
I don’t see how this could be a joke.

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There’s a practical issue in that there will be common functional issues which might be detected on Scaler or on IOS. Found on the iPad, but relevant to PC/Mac; is this IOS or the rest ?
You might have issues which are (1) unique to IOS (2) unique to the rest and (3) something relevant to both.

I’m not saying it can’t be done, but there would need to be a very clear and well publicized demarcation policy for it to work effectively IMHO, otherwise the notion of searching in ios/the rest alone will not work well.

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I thought it was a joke cause I find the posts on this forum are not too many, and the iOS related are even less

For several weeks, there were too many of them for my taste :slight_smile:

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There is already a tag for each operating system, including iOS. I am not convinced that creating a separate category will add anything, will it?

I do agree that there seem to have been a relatively large number of iOS issues but I am not sure if that justifies a separate category.