Create map press key or midi

My chord progression is C Am F G
Why can’t it be set on MIDI keyboard?
For example, I want to play C3 is C,D3 is Am, E3 is F,F3 is G
I pressed the MIDI keyboard, but there was no response
Is it my problem?

Only when I touch MODULATION can I respond

Do you have Binding turned on? Default mapping starts at C2. Did you remap it to C3

I mean, every performance can be set on the MIDI keyboard.
Now it seems that it can only be set on devices that are not MIDI keyboards

Not clear at all on what you are asking.

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Different performance modes are assigned to each key on the midi keyboard. And not on other midi controllers.

You can assign them to any MIDI CC control you have on your control device to change performances in the upper right area. I just did it myself I assigned a rotary switch to recall a Performance. Is that what you mean. Are you saying you can’t assign a CC controller to do that? What is your controller?

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I only have a MIDI keyboard and a launchpad MKII now :cold_sweat:

Not familiar enough with the Launchpad. But it seems the pads can be programed to send out MIDI information. Can it be changed to send out what you want. Anything like CC info? Maybe someone that has a Launchpad will chime in here.