Create new chord and, save them

In Scaler 2, can I create new chords, save them in a user library and have them available to later drag them into the sequencer to build a pattern?


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I don’t know… I didn’t study the manual; perhaps…

My question is possibly obvious. Why not already
move the midi into the DAW and save them.

If you forget the chord sequence you can always
set Scaler on detect and drag them into Scaler.

That way you can perhaps stay better organized,
and as a side-note you won’t lose anything…

(except for the possible harddisk crash if you
aren’t taking regular backups, but not going there :wink:

Thanks LivingEdge. Saving to DAW, I’d have to open that DAW project, copy the chord, close the chord library file, open the file I need the chord into and paste… and do this for each chord I need. Makes more sense to add my new chords to Scaler’s library to just drag and drop into sequence, no?

you can save chords, or series of chords, just clicking on Save in Section C
I called the “C maj” as “Pizza” that is my jolly-name (like ACME in cartoons) :grinning:

I forgot to mention that when you retrieve them from the repository, they appear in Section A

Thanks Claudio for the info!

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you are welcome

BTW, before your post I’ve entirely forgot this option :astonished:

you can’t imagine my joy opening that “treasure chest” and finding a couple of series I believed to have lost