Cross-talk between Scaler 2 instances?

Hi. I’ve done some Googling but haven’t found anyone talking about this, so maybe I’m doing something strange (or maybe I just suck at Google :smile: ) . I’m using Scaler in a Cakewalk by Bandlab project and I have multiple instances. There is one instance that I am using as an instrument; the others only exist as tools to help with chord and melodic ideation.

The problem is: the Scaler instrument keeps getting midi and other data (somehow) from other instances of the plugin, which can cause it to play the wrong notes or use the wrong instrument voice until that instance is opened, at which case it resets to the correct notes and instrument. It’s super weird, and I’m not sure if I got into a bad state because of something I did or I’m doing something wrong or if this is just a weird bug I’ve stumbled across.

Help! Thanks!!

Edit: it also seems to send repeating “ghost” midi to other instruments after dragging captured midi to that instrument. Again, it goes away when the Scaler instance is opened in the project.

The first thing to check is your MIDI routing.
Bypass all Scalers except for the problem one and one by one add them back till you find the one (or more) that’s sending.
I’ve had this happen one or twice if I had Scaler set to listen to all MIDI inputs. I had to set it for just my controller.

Thanks for replying! I’m going to look into this. It still sounds like a bug, but this seems like it could be a very effective workaround if it’s the same problem. Thank you!

Have not heard reports of any bugs like this.