CTRL+Z where?

Hi there

I have many great vst instruments as Hammond, moog and Wurlitzer, so I use Scaler with its instruments off

I have to say the part of Scaler I love more is just the top line that leaves me more freedom to tickle the ivories and create

when I find a progression that I like, I go directly to record the MIDI (the bottom GUI line), skipping the second GUI line (scales-songs) and the third GUI line

I have only a criticism for this wonderful tool: if I find a cool progression in the first GUI line, then I change something in the 2nd and 3rd GUI lines, my starting progression is lost forever because there is no CTRL+Z

unless I simply don’t see it

Coming in Scaler 2.1
We’ve decided to introduce it. We’ve stuck with the common example of ignoring undo as most plugins do but it is too useful not to have it so in it comes!

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great, thanks!

Is this already implemented? Can not find undo in GUI.

It is there, but as a left arrow (the right arrow for REDO CTRL+Y), and only in Section C


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Thank you for the hint. Wow! Never assumed this at that location :flushed::joy:

me too :smiley:
I was informed by another folk

Also in EDIT and CHORD EDIT mode. TBH, I don’t think we have got this right yet but mainly due to the implantation of how hosts handle CTRL Z. We want to have the arrows on the front page but don’t want to clutter. Still haven’t found the right solution for easy accessibility of an important feature.

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All VSTs I know have undo\redo in the head line. Where the blue scaler logo is. So this was the first place where I tried to find it. How ever happy to have it now.:grin:

@s-a You like to win hands down…

oh yeah, we are adding a few things there for 2.3 maybe we could add undo redo there as a stop gap. Nice call thanks.