Cubase and Scaler tempos not synched

Hi - I have just purchased Scaler 2 and set up on an instrument track in Cubase Pro 10.5.

  1. I set Scaler 2 to synch with cubase (so I press play in cubase, Scaler 2 starts playing)
  2. I set metronome on in cubase

The problem I am getting is Scaler 2 is fractionally ahead of the beat?? The chord change in scaler 2 is just a fraction early. What am I doing wrong?

Lets say for instance that I set a marker at track 5, beat 1 (so, if I start play from here, I get the above error. But if I set the marker as this (, Scaler is in time with the bar change in cubase

Interestingly, if I put loop on (say over 4 bars), set Scaler to play 4 chords and set these as 4 beats each, the first time it plays it is out of tempo, but once it loops, its in tempo? BUT, if I then stop and start again at the begining of the loop, it is out of time again (until it has completed one complete loop).

This is unworkable for me :frowning:

I have checked this in Reaper and the fault does not occur in Reaper. I don’t have any other DAWs I can check this in but I do so see there is an old post avbout someone having teh same issue in Logic when using Scaler vs 1

Many thanks