Cubase crashes while loading Scaler 2

I am trying to load Scaler 2 in Cubase (Cubase Elements 10), but the entire Cubase crashes while scaler is loading. I am on Windows 10. The 2.0.6 changelog says “Prevent crash of ScalerAudio 2 in Cubase”. Unfortunately, this does not apply in my case.

I have tried the Vst2, the Vst3, the instrument and the effect plugin. In all cases Cubase crashes.
I have tried installing the plugins in the default location and in the locations recommended for Cubase by Steinberg. My windows and my Cubase are updated to the latest version. It still does not work.

Any other Cubase users that have the same problem?

Dear developers, I will gladly provide you with any information from my system that may help you fix this. It has been more than a month from the release of Scaler 2. I like to believe that it is a matter of time before it is fixed. I really look forward to have a working version soon and take advantage of the free upgrade to Scaler 2 that convinced me to buy Scaler.

Thank you very much in advance

I finally got Scaler 2 to work! Unbelievable!
I read this thread

And I went to the NVIDIA Control Panel and I set Cubase to run on the integrated graphics card. It works now! So it appears that it is a graphics problem. I really hope that Scaler 2 is patched in a future version so that this workaround is not required and so that I will not have to worry about Scaler 2 being compatible with the graphics card, when I move to a new computer.
Thanks again to the Scaler 2 team for trying to help over the last weeks!

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