Cubase showing 2 instances of Scaler2

i just installed the VST on my mac. When i add an instrument track, i see 2 instruments.
SCALER 2 (with a space before the 2)

are they the same ?
can i delete one of them ?

Hi @bichon and welcome, as you can see from cubase UI there is III that indicate the VST3 so Scaler2 is VST 2 version and Scaler 2 is VST3 version.

thanks so much ! i was wondering what those 3 marks were for…
excuse my lack of knowledge. if you don’t mind me asking… i am using Cubase AI Elements 10.5 on a mac.
Am i supposed to be using the VST2 or VST3… ?
Is one safer to use (more stable) than the other ?
thanks again

No worries, I can’t recommend you to use one vs another (VST3 is more keen to be supported in the long run than VST2 I would say) but depending on the host you are using some versions works better than other, I can tell you that there is a known issue that we are fixing on VST3 of Scaler Audio 2.

I found some information on the subject VST 2.4 vs. VST 3.0

many thanks again.
let me say that i have been composing music as a hobby since my Radio Shack Model 1, “Orchestra 80” program from 1980, graduating to La Ballade (?) Band In a Box, Fruity Loops.etc…etc
I have been looking for composition tool like yours for 40 years. Its about time.

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